The following is a generic outline of the services that EDA provides to customers. The Products and Technologies pages give more detailed descriptions of EDA's hardware and software product development experience. Note that as well as software and hardware services, EDA develops algorithms that are available for direct porting to already developed systems and can undertake re-engineering projects to enable products and systems to remain current with market requirements.

Embedded software development and integration

  • DSP code development for audio and imaging applications.
  • PC Driver development.
  • High performance system integration.
  • Fixed point & floating point algorithms.
  • Code porting and processor integration.
  • Code analysis, profiling and optimization.

Custom electronics

  • Turnkey analog, digital and mixed signal PWB's.
  • Multi processor system architecture design.
  • ASIC, FPGA and PLD design.
  • Product idea feasibility-to-specification studies.
  • Schematic capture and PCB layout.
  • Prototype board assembly and test.
  • Electro-mechanical design integration.

Software development

  • Architecture design.
  • Windows applications.
  • Windows WDM device drivers.
  • GUI development.

Test and validation

  • Compliance testing (FCC and CE mark).
  • Compatibility testing (i.e., Bellcore).
  • System debug.

Competitive system analysis

  • Cost reduction studies.
  • Feature enhancement (ASIC conversions).

Other services

  • Technical marketing support.
  • Market research and documentation.
  • Expert witness for legal proceedings.


  • Embedded software development and integration
  • Custom electronics
  • Software development
  • Test and validation
  • Competitive system analysis
  • Other services