Who is EDA?

Electronic Design Associates is a Southern California electronics and software consulting company doing digital/analog turnkey product development for consumer, industrial, and medical companies. Customers have included Rockwell Semiconductor, Ford Aerospace, Cibola, Loral, Microsoft, Zilog, Rockwell/Conexant, Brother, Varian, JPL, and 50+ smaller companies.

Founded in 1976 by Howard Jelinek, EDA is staffed by experienced, degreed engineers and programmers, supplemented by a network of consultants with specialized skills and experienced at working as part of an EDA project development team. Additional resources and expertise are available through EDA's sister company in New Zealand.

EDA has served as the technology partner to several companies, including a quick-turn ASIC design company. For a semiconductor company, EDA developed micro-DSP dual processor chips and software for consumer applications during a 6 year partnership. For a high level audio manufacturer, EDA provided all of the high end audio designs (60+) over a period of 10 years.

What do we do?

In recent years, EDA has focused on turn-key designs, embedded software optimization, and PC user interface products. From this and previous years, we have added to our store of algorithms, design implementations, and related intellectual property. This along with our experience in providing hands-on design transfer from an engineering environment to a production environment has enriched the catalog of design solutions and product development approaches that EDA can provide to customers.

EDA can design "looks like, works like" products using an internal design team with over 60 years of electronics and software experience. We can provide FCC and other regulatory agency testing and approvals, and we work with several very experienced industrial and plastics design houses and can support enclosure designs for consumer products.

How does EDA provide services?

At the outset of a new project, we work with our customer to develop an appropriate financial plan for the work to be performed. Especially in matters of systems design involving both hardware & software development and an evolving specification, this financial plan may depart from what actually develops.

To accommodate these variables and to help customers plan for the costs of development, we usually design projects on a phased basis, so that the customer knows what to expect in each phase and may determine the most effective way to apply resources. In situations where our services are being provided on a continuous support basis, we will set a weekly fee to support EDA availability to the customer. We can also partner with a company, taking a fixed fee for development followed by royalties on sales of the product.


  • Founded in 1976 by Howard Jelinek