EDA provides turnkey design and consulting services to customers and conducts in-house research and development. In the process, EDA has accumulated a portfolio of products, design technologies, and custom turnkey design experience available to meet the requirements of new customers. The listing below describes EDA algorithms and hardware designs. All of this represents IP available for use in designing new systems and products for EDA's customers and partners.

Product Grid
Hardware Systems & Algorithms
(IP developed by EDA available to new customers)

Hardware Systems

EDA has been developing custom electronic designs for over 25 years. Most recently, we have focused on digital signal processing and implemented sophisticated audio, video, and imaging applications. Our design capabilities have migrated from earlier discrete TTL designs to custom chip and microprocessor based systems, evolving more recently to ASIC and combination ASIC & FPGA programmable designs.

Digital Audio Line of Digital Audio Adapter PC Sound Cards
Technology: TMS320C31, Dolby AC-2, ADPCM, 16 bit PCM, DVI
Sound + Video Cable NT Card
Technology: TMS320C31
32 Channel Digital-Analog Audio Processing Unit (KATIPO)
Technology: TMS320C31, i960, Altera FPGAs, AMCC S5933 PCI Interface, MIDI
Rockwell Wave Artist
Technology: OPTi/MediaChips 82C930 multimedia audio controller, RCV144ACi/SP modem chipset, completely software configurable in MS-DOS
rf Wireless Products & Systems EDA's rf/wireless experience has focused on newer applications in commercial areas of personal health monitoring, agriculture, and mobile tracking to name a few. These wireless applications enjoy the benefits from advances made in the rf/wireless technology used for many years in industrial and medical environments. EDA has recently partnered to support the work of a wireless sensor solutions company, adding new areas of interest to its rf collateral.
Telephony/Network Hi-level Audio & Music System
Technology: Motorola DSP66303, TI TUSB3200A, 8051/USB/AC'97 Micro-Controller, National LM1972 Digital POT
Video/Imaging Image Filter Board
Technology: ADSP21065L-SHARC, Sumitomo IP90C26 Spatial Filter, Altera FPGA, Lucent BDP1A16G Driver
Digital Line Scan Camera
Technology: PIC16F876, TK11250, adjustable gain, Frame Grabber
Analog Line Scan Camera
Technology: OP279, 3D7205Z-30, DS26C31TM, EPM7032S/FP, DG642, DS26C32ATM, SHC615, RL1024P, NJM79L05UA, SHC605, MAX626CSA
Digital Consumer - Telephony/Network VoIP Reference Design
Technology: NET+ARM (NetSilicon platform), 1/4 VGA LCD display, Touch Screen operation, high quality audio, simultaneous voice and data.
Combo Caller ID & DTAD Board
Technology: Electronics and LCD display for standalone analog telephone with Caller ID type I and type II.
Full Feature Speakerphone & DTAD with CID II
Technology: See above.
Caller ID Module
Technology: Fully Bellcore compliant.
PC Karaoke
Technology: MIDI songs downloaded over Internet with reverb for high-end capability and quality.


EDA algorithms labeled XDAIS have passed testing for interoperability and meet standards specified by Texas Instruments for its DSP platforms. EDA can provide porting services for these algorithms in either C or as optimized assembly implementations. Other algorithms may require further development to make them compliant or to accommodate them to a customer's design requirements.

Audio Effects Reveb
Sound Enhancement
10 band EQ
Telephony Call Progress
Caller ID - CAS Tone Detection
Caller ID - FSK Demodulation Echo Canceller
Audio Compression MPEG Layer 1 and 2 Encode/Decode
Voice LPC Speech Converter


  • Digital Audio
  • rf Wireless Products & Systems
  • Telephony/Network
  • Video/Imaging
  • Digital Consumer - Telephony/Network