Cognetive Systems, Inc.

Cognetive Systems is an innovator in simple to use low-cost, low-power Wireless Sensor data acquisition technology. Areas of expertise include wireless sensor applications in fleet vehicle telemetry, cold chain monitoring, precision agriculture, and remote monitoring of various dispensing technologies.


A simple to use Watering Index based sprinkler controller. For a fraction of the cost of a new sprinkler timer, converts your existing timer to a smart and convenient system to significantly conserve water and reduce water costs.


Prototyping and small run manufacturing services. Specializes in build and troubleshoot of new designs and modifications to designs in process.

Future Scientists & Engineers of America

FSEA involves working scientists, engineers, and retirees in hands-on after-school programs. Now part of the Discovery Science Center and featured as part of Boeing Rocket Lab. The EDA founder & engineers have participated as FSEA volunteers.

International Parallel & Distributed Processing Symposium

IEEE Computer Society fully sponsored annual conference started in late '80's by EDA founder along with colleagues who have built event that now has 50% international participation and serves as premier conference in fields of parallel and distributed computing.

South Pacific Electronic Design Associates, LTD.

EDA's sister company in Christchurch, New Zealand.

American Speechsounds

Accent improvement service company with whom EDA has developed PC based computer aided training products.

NetSilicon, Inc.

EDA was a Design Center Partner for NET+ARM technology and supported reference design and OEM platform for NS chips.

Texas Instruments, Inc.

EDA was a registered TI DSP 3rd Party Developer offering consulting services in hardware & software and algorithms.