EDA is a California Tech Coast design and consulting firm located in Irvine. Established 30+ years ago, we have worked with over 100 medical, audio, telephony, semiconductor, industrial control, and aerospace companies, using analog & digital technologies to deliver innovative product solutions to customers. From this experience, EDA has produced a mixed portfolio of services, technologies, and products, all available to meet the unique requirements of our customers.

The primary areas of EDA proficiency are:

  • Embedded software for programmable devices and DSP applications.
  • PC based audio & video system development.
  • System design for voice telephony and wired & wireless network applications.
  • RF Technology & Wireless Applications

EDA's rf/wireless experience has focused on newer applications in commercial areas of personal health monitoring, agriculture, and mobile tracking to name a few. These wireless applications enjoy the benefits from advances made in the rf/wireless technology used for many years in industrial and medical environments. EDA has recently partnered to support the work of a wireless sensor solutions company, adding new areas of interest to its rf collateral.

The EDA consulting group has the full tool kit to help customers and development partners design, create and bring to market all kinds of products and systems that make use of wireless applications and other enabling technologies described on this Website. As part of its turn-key design approach, EDA can supply corollary technology including Windows based systems for central station data collection and control and network processing. Contact us to discuss how we can help your company tap into our portfolio of technology and product development experience.


From transistors to microprocessors to the Internet

  • Over 300 Start-to-Finish Electronics/Software Projects
  • Senior Staff With 100 Years Combined Experience
  • Market Development Consulting
  • RF Specialization